Monday, February 12, 2007


ek bhor
ek makaam
ek disha
ek anjaam
ek saathi
ek paheli
ek sapna
ek bharam

ek kaafir
ek fakeer
ek bandish
ek mukti
ek shoonya
ek anant
ek anek
ek akela

ek main
ek viraam.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


we run
through the meadows
of a lazy time
silly childish laughter
fills the air
with a smell of freedom
and a sense of the infinite

like rain drops
we fall
crystal clear
washing clean the slate
to doodle new worlds again

waiting for the Sun to set
in the quiet where
echoes of a distant past
rhyme with the melodies of the future
but my friend,
the Sun never really sets.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

For You

I wake up to a lilting tune from the depths of time
singing me tales of bittersweet memories.
Outside, a lazy Sun awaits its end
it has been chasing Luna for an eternity now.
And as that tune drowns in the cacophony of my dying dreams
i catch my reflection staring at me,
like it knows something.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Thoughts, like ants
crawling through the wilderness
that is my mind
A design so grand
but incoherent in pieces,
scattered lays the jigsaw.
Thoughts, like moss
paint the crumbling walls
trying to find a window
my hand fumbles in the darkness
a crack somewhere is all i need
to carry the whispers of resignation.
Thoughts, like fish
but out of water
gasping for a drop of elixir
as the fins slow their mad flapping
eyes wide, mouths gaping
still on the rock of realisation.
Thoughts, like drops of rain
find their way through the gaping mouth
The heart beats anew
The fins flap alive
A crack in the wall lets in some light.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Deewaron par tangi yeh tasveerein
Yeh yaadon ke udte panchi
Lafzon par atki woh baatein
bin kahe bohat keh leti
Un bikhre huye palon ko samet ta
Sooni aankhon mein yeh samundar
Ujde ped par baadal ka saaya
Jaise sannate mein lehrata bawandar
Bijli ki taaron par latke patang
ambar ko choone ki unki aashayein
Bas, ek hawa ka jhonka aur lage woh jhoomne!
Un neeli oonchaiyon se kya dikhe vipdayein
Kal phir ek nayee sehar
ek naya makaam, ek nayee lehar
Deewaron par phir tangengi nayee tasveerien
phir udenge aashaon ke woh patang

[Revised version edited by Mukti Krishan. Thanks!]